Our Business Priorities

Dominate Your Niche

ArcMEAD seeks out specialty niches ripe for the taking. These targeted product categories provide the best opportunity to quickly build a brand and stand out against the competition.

Drive Traffic and Sales

Listing a product for sale is easy. Gaining visibility and marketshare is more complex. ArcMEAD’s market research enables you to assess the competition and viability of products so you can refine and meet your sales objectives. We understand the numerous variables and metrics that are required to promote and boost your product listing, and we promise to implement those in order to boost your sales and get you ranked higher than the competition.

Designs that Appeal to the American Consumer

We understand the American consumer market and our experienced designers can give design feedback to either change or adapt different details and features that will make your product more attractive to your target audience in the United States.

Optimize for Performance

We regularly check our clients' product performance to ensure optimal results and customer satisfaction. Our operations team checks daily sales, ads, keyword performance, as well as other metrics and adjusts key components so that you receive the sales you expect.

Establish Brand Reputation

Effective branding evokes an emotional response. Once quality and design standards are met and daily sales volume becomes consistent, ArcMEAD will focus on brand building by:

  • Differentiating your brand and products from competitors
  • Expanding advertising and social media channels to broaden your reach
  • Targeting additional sales, both on- and offline
  • Engaging customers beyond point-of-sale
  • Developing fresh product ideas

Expansion Opportunities

Mature brands and products can find additional marketshare in the following channels: