Services Overview


ArcMEAD understands that each company is unique. Whether you have an internal operations team already or not, we're here to help you get tasks done well. Regardless of where you are along the sales process, we can consult on, optimize, or take over the project to make sure you're happy with the results.



Comprehensive Analysis

Product Viability
Customer / Market Analysis


Not sure if a product will be a good fit for the US market? What demographic should you target? What colors to bring in? How much existing competition is there?

ArcMEAD specializes in niche research determine whether products are trending or past their prime. We employ focus groups and questionnaires and split test options to determine how potential customers will respond to certain design elements and features. Our analysis allows manufacturers to decide whether a certain product is worth pursuing or if it requires further adjustments before entering production.

External Traffic Sources

Coupon and Deal Networks
PPC / SEM Campaigns
PR, Social Media, and Influencers


Everyone wants traffic. But not all traffic is weighted the same. The same shopper has varying value to different sellers at different times. ArcMEAD works with industry leaders such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, to develop advertising campaigns that work. We're also experts on Amazon's internal Sponsored Ads promotions in driving down ACOS to maximize ROI.

Content Writing

Articles, Product Descriptions
Proofreading, Editing, Translation


Product listings should convey more than just raw information. Words should entice and appeal to customers. Describe how a product will benefit the buyer. ArcMEAD's deep understanding of American consumer behavior allows us to anticipate potential questions and concerns so shoppers can have confidence in their purchase.

Brand Recognition + Improvement

Social Media Management
Website Development
Audit Product Reviews, Feedback


Repeat customers are foundational to a successful company. They generate word of mouth referrals and provide social proof to new buyers. ArcMEAD helps clients represent themselves effectively and finds areas for improvement to prevent future problems.

Brand Protection

Trademarks / Patents with USPTO
Cease and Desist Notices

ArcMEAD works with lawyers and legal professionals to make sure your intellectual property is safe and secure. Through our extensive experience combating fraudulent sellers and infringers, we've developed effective and quick processes for handling such issues on Amazon and other platforms.


Photography + Videography

Product Images, Lifestyle Shots
Video Introductions, Ads

Being headquartered in Los Angeles allows ArcMEAD access to a wealth of resources in terms of models, photographers, videographers and other artists. Whether your company needs a simple product video or a Hollywood tier television commercial, we can arrange and direct the right talent for the job.

We partner with content creators, intellectual property lawyers, social influencers, and other creatives on many of our services. Our photographers, videographers and writers are located throughout Europe and the United States and are always in tune with the latest artistic fashion trends to make your products stand out against the competition.

Our ingenious IT team consists of professionals in the United States, Singapore, and China and has developed their own highly effective systems, including ERP, data collection and analysis, and a manufacturer support system. We know what data is available, where to get it, and how to use it so you have everything you need to run your business.