Starter Package

We'll guide you through getting your store up and running and getting your first products listed.

  • Learn how to get approved for restricted categories, such as apparel and jewelry
  • Register your brand with Amazon
  • Find out whether you may be exempt from the UPC requirement, or where to get legitimate, affordable UPCs
  • Understand how Amazon's platform handles taxes and what you need to do to collect them
  • Find out which fields are required to create listings in each category and how to upload products to Amazon's catalog
  • Build parent-child relationships to offer product variations and link accessory items
  • Avoid extra fees and account restrictions by preparing products for shipment according to Amazon requirements
  • Put Amazon's world-class warehousing infrastructure and negotiated shipping contracts to work for you
  • Leverage the FBA program so that Amazon handles your customer service, shipping and returns - resulting in major savings for your business

Advanced Package Add-Ons

Delve deeper into Amazon's additional periphery tools. These are tips and tricks that the vast majority of Amazon sellers may have noticed the top sellers using, but don't know how to apply themselves.

  • Enhanced product detail pages with best practices for rich data
  • Optimize your marketing efforts through Amazon analytics reports
  • Promote your products with targeted ads - Amazon PPC - and avoid wasting your budget on unrelated customer searches
  • Save time by updating pricing, inventory and product information using bulk feeds
  • Drive sales with promotional discounts, coupons, gift certificates and special offers

À La Carte Elite Tactical Strikes

Don't pull your hair out in frustration! Our seasoned Amazon experts will perform an advanced audit of your store and products to provide custom solutions based on your goals. Contact us for a free initial consultation so we can help you find solutions to your primary concerns.

  • Receiving too few page views? Reach more customers with detailed keyword research and expansion
  • Want to improve order conversion rates? Run a campaign to increase your number of reviews, feedback or other metrics
  • Losing sales to competitors? Gain market share by elevating your listing's rank on customer search results with Amazon SEO
  • Spending too much time on tedious tasks? Automate and streamline your workflow using systems, filters and rules
  • Are infringing sellers driving down prices on your products? Protect your brand and sales by taking control of your listings
  • Want to sell internationally? Expand to other Amazon locales around the world without having to start from scratch
  • Is your account at risk or suspended? Let us help you successfully reinstate your account and get a second chance
  • Feel like you have already optimized everything on Amazon and are looking for the next step? Boost sales by driving traffic to your products from social media platforms and SERPs