Traffic Sources

(Traffic) x (Conversion Rate) = Sales

This simple formula shows the two primary factors that affect a company's sales: the percentage of visitors you successfully turn into customers, and your ability to build traffic to your page. 

How can ArcMEAD help build traffic to your page?

Traffic can come from many online sources, such as: SEO, SEM / PPC, SMO, CSEs, and deal sites. Don't worry if you don't recognize all of these acronyms. We'll explain them to you and analyze which will bring the best returns depending on your product. We'll also manage them so you don't have to worry about keeping them straight.

Traffic boosted from these online promotional avenues are ArcMEAD's focus and specialty, as they don’t hurt our clients’ pocketbooks, and they are statistically known to bring the most optimal gains.

What about offline sources?

Traffic can also come from a myriad of offline sources, not limited to: word of mouth, an army of salespeople, TV and radio ads, roadside billboards, print media, and mailers. While these conventional methods often require higher initial investment and capital, they can still excel at building brand awareness and quickly reach a broad audience. Depending on your desired scope and reach, we can find the best fit for your needs.

External Traffic Sources

  • Affiliates
  • Coupon and Deal Networks
  • PPC / SEM Campaigns
    • Bing, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Other
    • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
    • Forums, Independent Sites
  • Social Influencers Outreach